A lot like the other eBay misspelling websites, I was searching for something on eBay and I was, like most people expecting to see a bargain. What I actually saw was items listed at pretty much the retail price for a second hand goods, or 'BNWT' (Brand New With Tags). Then I carried on my search and although I am an IT Programmer (hence this website), I typed in a search quick enough that I missed a letter (I think I actually typed 'playsation' (thats a link to)) and low and behold... look what came up.

It finds items spelled incorrectly on eBay sites. As they are spelled incorrectly they have fewer bids (and often no bids) and therefore you can find a bargain!
We are not a part of the eBay business, but we are an Official Authorised developer of eBay tools (the image in the footer is only allowed for approved developer program members). In other words, they know about and approve of the Blunderbay website.
From the homepage change the country drop down to the countries eBay you want to search
This can be one of following problems:
  • Sometimes the item might often be listed with an extra space, e.g. 'cookbook' and 'cook book'.
  • Try to use the singular of the word, rather than the plural. For example, use 'golf club', not 'golf clubs'
Having any other problems? New idea or an improvement in mind? Or just want to let me know you think Blunderbay is great?
No. We do not see or need any of your eBay details. As you will see, when you click on an item we open a new window to eBay and directly to the item. You are then able to sign in to eBay and complete your purchase.

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eBay spelling mistakes and typos

Blunderbay is the free tool which has been designed to search eBay auctions that have been listed with a title that has a spelling mistake or a typo. These items then attract less bids and sell for less saving you money.