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A bit of history: Alot like the other eBay misspelling websites, I was searching for something on eBay and I was, like most people expecting to see a bargain. What I actually saw was items listed at pretty much the retail price for a second hand goods, or 'BNWT' (Brand New With Tags). Then I carried on my search and although I am an IT Programmer (hence this website), I typed in a search quick enough that I missed a letter (I think I actually typed 'playsation' (thats a link to)) and low and behold... look what came up.

As Blunderbay is funded, built and developed by only me, I gratefully accept all contributions/donations to my running costs and to help develop new features (any you can think of, pop on the blog).

May I take this opportunity to thank those who have already donated and for the great feedback - it is appreciated, and from some of the feedback recieved you have been not only saving money by finding bargains, but some have been making quite a bit too!

Thank you for all your support!

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eBay spelling mistakes and typos

Blunderbay is the free tool which has been designed to search eBay auctions that have been listed with a title that has a spelling mistake or a typo. These items then attract less bids and sell for less saving you money.