Steps to use

Here are some simple steps to using Blunderbay.

  • Use square brackets to keep a word from being misspelled. eg. Samsung [phone] will find all phones with Samsung misspelled
  • Search for a singluar ('cook book', not 'cook books')
  • Select your eBay country
  • Share an item with a friend
  • And of course, always check here first for a bargain!

Many items on a daily basis are being added to eBay with spelling mistakes. Because of this they become difficult to search for, and quite often never get found or bid on. Meaning bargain!

At Blunderbay you can search for the correctly spelt word and we will mispell it for you many times and search eBay. When you see your results, click on the item and we will pass you straight to eBay to complete your purchase.

No App Needed

Don't forget to take us with you, this site works on your phone!

Comments, thoughts...

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eBay spelling mistakes and typos

Blunderbay is the free tool which has been designed to search eBay auctions that have been listed with a title that has a spelling mistake or a typo. These items then attract less bids and sell for less saving you money.